Joan Dixon

A writer-editor I call myself now, thanks to an early hunger for content and a later fascination with style. My reading addiction catapulted me from university graduation directly into the book-publishing world. But a couple of decades and detours later (which included an MA, world-expanding work as well as storytime with my kids) I returned to publishing in the new century and continued my professional apprenticeship in the art and craft of creative nonfiction.

I discovered freelancing as a writer and editor and researcher allowed me to read all the time! I could also apply my curiosity, experience and education to interesting projects of all kinds. People who’ve accomplished or experienced the incredible have provided the inspiration for much of my published work so far. I have authored eight books of creative non-fiction, dozens of articles, and have edited dozens more.

I specialize in Canadian topics – history, sport, aviation, military, biography, communications and literature of all genres for all ages – and I write, research and edit for magazines, book publishers and organizations. My subjects and clients usually find me. 
One of my current projects is co-editing an anthology of literary nonfiction, Embedded on the Homefront with fellow author/editor Barb Howard.


Best of 2001, Made for Canada, selected by Resource Links

Best of 2001, Made for Canada, selected by Edmonton Public Schools
James H. Gray Award for Short Non-fiction, Alberta Book Awards, 2010, “The Perils of War and Mother-Son Relationships”

Jon Whyte Memorial Essay Prize, Alberta Book Awards, 2010, short-listed, “Embedded on the Home Front”